The Heger GZ line – Cost savings due to reliable coarse crushing

The GZ-S line of Heger coarse crushing systems highly efficiently crushes bulky mouldings made of EPS (Styropor®), XPS, EPP, EPE or PUR into 20-50 mm sized small pieces. The material can be processed further with supplementary compression or fine crushing systems from Heger.

Technical features

  • Reliable crushing in up to 20-50 mm sized small pieces due to the efficient, extremely robust primary crusher with two cutting blade shafts
  • Optimal efficiency thanks to a performance-oriented machine concept
  • Long service life thanks to a robust engineering drive
  • Customisable thanks to a compact modular overall construction concept
  • Highly efficient thanks to low operating and maintenance costs
  • Simple commissioning thanks to delivery ready to be plugged in
  • CE marking