The Heger SE-S line – Screening and dust extraction for perfect regranulate in any commercial grain size

Heger screening and dust extraction systems classify and remove dust from plastic foam granulates. Dusted-off EPS (Styropor®) or EPP regranulate can be mixed with new materials and reused in the cleaning industry or to manufacture new moulding or block moulding.


 Technical features

  • Optimal efficiency thanks to a performance-oriented machine concept
  • Long service life thanks to a robust engineering drive
  • Customisable thanks to very compact and modular overall construction concept
  • The ideal operating point is set without issues using speed-controlled drives
  • Fully automatic operation because of electronic performance monitoring
  • High level of flexibility thanks to fast and convenient screen exchange
  • Convenient operation thanks to state-of-the-art SPS control from Siemens with programmable operating modes
  • Pneumatic screen cleaning system: the screen cage is cleaned using pulses of compressed air
  • Highly efficient thanks to low operating and maintenance costs
  • Simple commissioning thanks to delivery ready to be plugged in
  • CE marking