Heger TSA 700 table separator – Precise weight separation of granular products for a wide range of applications

The Heger TSA 700 table separator is used wherever separation according to geometric shape (grain size) is not sufficiently possible. The variable design principle facilitates use in various areas of application.

  • Grain technology
    Separation of shelled grain and unshelled grain, e.g. for spelt, oats, millet, rice or sunflower seeds

  • Plastics recycling
    Separation of usable plastics and waste products

  • Cable recycling
    Separation of copper and plastic


Technical features

  • Long service life thanks to maintenance-free vibrating elements
  • Low installation and operating costs thanks to innovative design principle
  • Extremely quiet because of mass balancing which allows operation in levels even without an expensive base
  • Exact selectivity due to precision-dosing vibration speed and air volume
  • Versatile thanks to exchangeable screening inserts and separation option according to specific weight in two fractions
  • CE marking